Friday, 26 February 2016

Technic- Craft

Last week on Wednesday  Rm 11 and 12 had to combine classes while half of room 11 and room 12 went to softball trials with Mr Reid. While they were gone we did some work on narratives. After working on narratives we got ready to go Technic-craft.
 When we arrived to Tamaki College I had to lead the year 7's to Mr Grundy's workshop. When we arrived to his work shop we started on our workbook,  after completing our work book we started on our mold.

 We had to sketch our picture we wanted on the mold then had to use this wood cutter machine to cut of round our sketching. After cutting we had a look at some pendants some other students made. 

When it was 1:00 Mr Grundy shouted times up so I led the year 7's to the bus. It was so cool seeing the year 8's cooking. I'm looking forward to next week because we are starting filling our mold with melted pewter.

This is the pendant I will be making

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