Monday, 4 December 2017

A Productive Weekend

In the weekends my sister and I went to my dads house. We stayed there till it was dark. While we were there we played outside and went swimming at Glendowie beach. The beach was full of people splashing and bombing. I jumped off the wharf with fear. But as I jumped I got used to it. I also started doing cannon bombs. Later on my sisters and aunties and cousins arrived. It was a hot day but the water was cold and deep. After swimming my dad took us out for dinner and ice cream. For dinner we had chicken and chips at my aunt's house. Then we showered to get the salt water out of our bodies. We rested there and played for a few hours, At approximately 10:00 my sister and I went home. It was a tiring day.


  1. Hi There,

    I've read your reflection and I like the way you describe about how u feel & what u did.I just have one question for u, is the pools deep?

    Have a nice day:D

    1. Hi Akih sorry for the late reply and yes the pools were deep as you get to the shallow parts :)