Thursday, 8 December 2016

Awful Wednesday on New Zealand roads

Wednesday has been a horror day for motorists around the country.  A crash near the Johnsonville on-ramp closed State Highway 1 out of the capital. A 4WD towing a trailer  blocked both northbound lanes.
Police are responding to a serious crash in Waihi.Emergency services rushed to the scene, and the NZ Transport Agency asked motorists to use an alternative route. In the Clutha District, a 69-year-old South land woman died after she was thrown from the vehicle she was a passenger in.
The driver, a 71-year-old man, was flown by helicopter to Dunedin Hospital. The single car crash occurred on State Highway One about 10 km north of Balclutha about 9.15 am on Wednesday, he said. A Northern Fire Service Communications spokesman said the the driver got out and the car was left on its side. The New Zealand Transport Agency said the crash site had been cleared and traffic had returned to normal about 6 pm.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Prime Minister John Key Has Resigned. What happens next?

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Prime Minister John Key has told the emotion of quitting, and how he will tell the Queen he is standing down. Key had made a shocking announcement yesterday that he was resigning as Prime Minister. Next week Monday there will be  new leader chosen. Key kept his usual morning media slots on Tuesday and told TV news reporter Paul Henry he would be speaking with the Queen. Her people had been in touch with his office to arrange a time. John Key says he is leaving on his own terms and that this is the right decision for a National lead Government. "I am going to leave forever grateful to the NZ public that they gave me a chance."It's been a big part of my life, I've enjoyed the process and being part of it. New Zealand's First leader Winston Peters claimed he was not surprised by Key's sudden resignation.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Oamaru builds tunnel to help penguins

blue-penguinN.Z's blue penguins are more comfortable at sea than waddling on land. Oamaru has built a 25 meter tunnel to help their local penguins pass the busy roads between the sea and their nests. Penguins in the town are rare ‘blue’ penguins, the smallest kind in the world, and are an endangered species. Before the underpass, the birds crossed the road protected only by a “penguin crossing” sign. The underpass was started in September this year, and was opener earlier this month.
Oamaru’s blue penguin colony is one of the few populations in the world that is actually growing.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kangaroos beat kiwis

The Kiwis have lost the Four Nations final after being thrashed 34-8 by Australia in the tournament  at Anfield. Repeated handling errors and ill discipline cost the New Zealand side. At the end of the first half the Kiwis were already trailing 0-24. The result means the Kiwis lose their Four Nations crown and the world number one . The Kiwis had talked about the need for a good start. So, that didn’t happen and instead the Kiwis let in the first try after only three minutes. Darius Boyd was named man of the match. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

All Blacks win big at World Rugby Awards

Steve Hansen wins his fourth World Rugby coach of the year title in London in 2016.The All Blacks won many of the top prizes at the World Rugby Awards held at the Hilton, London on Sunday night. All Blacks First five, Beauden Barrett, won the player of the year prize. The All Blacks took the team of the year prize for the seventh  season. And Steve Hansen won the coach of the year for the fourth time.Barrett said he was humbled to win the honor. “It means so much, it’s certainly something I don’t expect to be awarded,” Barrett said. Barret has given a shout out to his hurricanes and all blacks team mate. The All Blacks  again won all the big baubles at the World Rugby Awards in London on Monday. Barrett won the player of the year prize from team-mate Dane Coles. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Waikato man missing in Bali after failing to return from 'Tinder' holiday

A Garuda Indonesia plane lands at Ngurah Rai International Airport on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.
A Kiwi man has  gone missing in Bali after failing to return from a  holiday with a woman he had just met. Friends on the media have been posting posts for any information or sightings of Joshua Goudswaard - a 32-year-old man from Waikato who is living in Perth.  He was due to return on four days later, But then extended his trip.  His friend Aaron Smith said none of his friends or family had been in touch since October 30. Smith posted a posts for information this week on social media, which has  been shared dozens of times. Joshua has been missing for 14 days now.  Phones been disconnected & not replying to emails, the last transaction on his bank statement was for a small amount in the UK
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Friday, 11 November 2016

Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror is a Fantasy and Drama movie.
Lily collins=Snow white.
Julia Roberts=evil wicked queen.
Sean Bean=The King
Maid= Mare Winningham
The costume design=made by Eiko Ishioka.

Favorite Scene- My favorite scene in this movie was close to the end,When the evil queen was put into a therapy room by the maids (Mare Winningham) who worked for snow white. Treatment- Evil queen
The maids didn’t like the queen because they were bossed around, So they decided to  make a Beauty treatment which involves bird poop on her face, maggots in her ear, bumblebees on her lips, and even the sting of  a scorpion.  The queen had no idea what she was treated with. It was hilarious!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Trump, Clinton racing for Election finishing line

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Americans vote for their 45th president. It will all be over tomorrow when the polls close and votes are counted. The Herald will be on the ball long into the night, so tune in and keep up to date as results come in. Today is the final day the candidates can campaign.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Beyonce, Jay Z's Clinton show

Beyonce and Jay Z have performed songs for Hillary Clinton at a concert at Cleveland State University.  Beyonce told the crowd on Saturday that "less than 100 years ago, women did not have the right to vote. "I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and know that her possibilities are limitless," she told the crowd, as she sang songs from her album Lemonade, including Formation. Clinton delivered brief remarks, thanking the two musicians and praising them for their inspiration. This is what america is my friends clinton said. 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Two tonnes of fireworks to go BOOM in Whangarei

BOOM: The annual Whangarei Lion's Club Fireworks Spectacular is back again with $25,000 worth of fireworks going off.

Two tonnes of fireworks will explode in the sky above Whangarei this weekend with some going 130 meters into the air. The  Whangarei Lion's Club Fireworks Spectacular is back again tomorrow and $25,000 of pyrotechnics will be lighting up the sky."Its excellent, it's a great display. Last year we had about 10,000 people along," he said. A spokesman for Auckland company Boom Boom Fireworks, who put on the show, said there were 2000 kg covering a range of fireworks. With $25,000 worth of fire works.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Nurse steals money from elderly patient with dementia

Eva Harrison's nursing registration was cancelled after 44 years.

A Hamilton nurse who stole hundreds of dollars from a rest home patient has had her registration cancelled, ending her 44-year career. Eva Martha Harrison, 63, was a registered nurse at Te Puia Springs Hospital on the East Coast when the theft happened. The patient noticed a transaction at a grocery store to the total of $423.73. Nurse Harrison lied about taking the money but then disclosed she had used the patient's ATM card to pay her grocery bill.The ATM cards of patients, along with pin numbers written on paper, were in a locked cupboard, which Harrison had access to.She was fired from that job in July 2014, one month after the theft. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bomb explodes at south Thai night market

Monday's attack, in the town of Pattani, struck around 7pm (local time) (Reuters / file)

At least one person has died and 19 others are wounded after an explosion at a night market in southern Thailand. The attack comes two months after a bomb in tourist towns in Thailand's south that killed four Thais and wounded dozens. Monday's attack, in the town of Pattani, struck around 7pm police said. The bomb was placed near a noodle shop and the explosion killed one woman. More than 6500 people have been killed. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Conjoined twins separated in 27 hour operation

After a 27 hour surgery a pair of twin boys have been separated. Anias and Jadon McDonald, both 13 months old, had a life-threatening operation at the Children’s Hospital in New York. They are now recovering in hospital as they begin their new lives apart. But 80 percent of twins joined at the head will die if their head is not separated by age two.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Living things have certain life processes in common. There are seven things that they need to do to count as being alive. The phrase MRS GREN is a way to remember them. It can be easy to tell if something is living or not. 

MMovementAll living things move, even plants
RRespirationGetting energy from food
SSensitivityDetecting changes in the surroundings
GGrowthAll living things grow
RReproductionMaking more living things of the same type
EExcretionGetting rid of waste
NNutritionTaking in and using food

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thailand remembers their King

The King of Thailand, King Bhumibol, has died after a long illness.  He was 88 years old.His body was transported to his riverside Grand Palace in Bangkok ahead of a funeral and a traditional royal cremation.The king had been in poor health for several years but his death has shocked the Southeast Asian nation of 67 million people. Most people in the capital and in towns across the country were dressed in black clothing to show respect for the king. Many people made an attendance to the kings funeral. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Exploring The Botanical Gardens

Today our school, Ruapotaka went exploring the gardens in Manurewa. We got there by bus we went through the motorway. As we first got there the first thing we saw was waterfalls. After waiting for a few minutes we went walking and looking around the gardens. There were all sorts of coloured plants. We also took amazing photos of the statues and trees. The tree I like was the spring blossom trees. It was a tiring long walk. Our class made a few stops for water and toilets. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Botanic Gardens

Rose Garden at Auckland Botanic Gardens
 Rose Garden
Tomorrow I'm looking forwards to seeing the rose garden at the Botanic gardens in Manurewa. I would like to see all the different color roses . I also like the roses growing on the vines. This rose garden is the color of summer. The roses on the vine look bright and colorful.The roses are a sign of love and beauty. That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful
Persian poet by: Rumi. These plants have inspired so many poets over history. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Pedal Power in schools

Image result for Pedal power in schoolsMartin Middle School in North Carolina, USA has introduced pedal power into their classrooms to get children to focus more.  Bike pedals have been put under the desks as a way to give students energy.Because students are sitting still all day long they start to get restless and start tapping their desks and their feet are moving about. Having the quiet bike pedals under the desks allow students to use up that energy, and at the same time focus on class.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Our visit to Tamaki Primary school

Last week Monday we received some news from our principle. It was exciting and unexciting at the same time. The news we received was moving to another school. Our school were all surprised and shocked. We had to move because some workers were working on our roof. 

On Wednesday we catched the bus to Tamaki primary school to do our learning there. As we arrived there Tamaki primary school welcomed us with a Maori haka which was awesome . Later on we walked to our classrooms we were chose to be in. Our class was in the art room. 

Because there were lots of art supplies we decided to do some art and coloring all day. The next day we were still stuck Tamaki so Mr Reid gave us proper work. Then we received some exciting news from Tamaki primary schools principle Miss Kelly. She invited us to their Tongan language week performance. We saw different dances and learned some facts about Tonga. 
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500 cows stolen from farmer

cowsA Canterbury farm is devastated after 500 of their dairy cows worth around $1 million have gone missing.The farm is located in Ashburton and police believe around 20 trucks would have been needed to move the herd.The theft was noticed in late August. Pennie Saunders, the farm manager, said it has hit the farm’s shareholders hard. She says the cows are worth around $2,000

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Would you survive?

TihoiFive months on school camp. No devices allowed, no wifi and there’s no reception. Twice a year, St Paul’s College sends a group of Year 10 students on an school camp for 5 months. The aim of this camp is to get them off their devices and get them outdoors. The camp is surrounded by nati ve bushes and Mountains. During the 5 months the boys will have to cook and clean for themselves, do the dishes, and laundry. Banned list for the camp are: devices, extra food,deodorant, pocket knives and a alarm clock. The boys can only go home for the holidays, and the long weekend.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Today Rm 11,12,10 and 9 got split into groups and each group has an country. My groups country was U.S.A. We all had to collaborate and help each other. The people I had in my group were Suliasi,Malia,Prudence,Limititi and Robati. We will be having sport activities to compete on Friday. Come Along and watch๐Ÿ˜‰

Ruapotaka Mini Olympics

Last week on Friday, we started the mini Olympics. There were lots of families attending to our mini Olympics. Everyone was put into teams. The team I was put in was the U.S.A. We started off with a opening ceremony.

The teams represented their countries flag and the Olympic anthem. After the opening ceremony different teams played different sports. There was badminton, Javelin, Football and long jump. The juniors enjoyed playing different sports. Later on the teams got back and sat down for the closing ceremony. The teachers presented the medals to the juniors and seniors.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Water in Olympic pool turns green

green pool
The water in the Olympic diving pool has turned a bright green and nobody knows why. 80 liters of hydrogen peroxide was dumped into the two pools in the Aquatics Center without organizers The strange colour of the water started last night during the women’s 10-meter final. Experts have said the water is clean and perfectly healthy, but some divers have concerns over water quality. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Adams wins silver at Rio Games

The Olympic medals are handed out for the women's shot put: Valerie Adams silver, Michelle Carter gold and Anita Marton ...

Adams stood smiling at the Olympic Stadium wearing her silver medal, before Michelle Carter received the gold. Michelle Carter from USA won the final with a  20.63m throw which was too good for Adams. Carter blew away the competition with her final throw after trailing Adams for the entire competition. Anita Morton from Hungary finished third. Image Link

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mountain Biking

In room 11 we made individual stories about what we were doing for the Olympics. The event I chose was Mountain biking. Mountain biking is an event of riding bicycles of riding off road The Mountain biking will be raced at the X-Park located in Rio. The race takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The circuit have forest tracks, fields, roads, Mountains and gravel paths. The race starts at 11:30.   

Mountain Biking

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In room 11 we made individual stories about what we were doing for the Olympics. The event I chose was Mountain biking. Mountain biking is an event of riding bicycles of riding off road The Mountain biking will be raced at the X-Park located in Rio. The race takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The circuit have forest tracks, fields, roads, Mountains and gravel paths. The race starts at 11:30.   Image Link (Medal)

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