Friday, 31 March 2017

Robert Rakete

Yesterday afternoon we had some famous visitors visiting our school. They were Robert Rakete and Henry. They both introduced themselves then shared some interesting stories about their childhood. Robert shared about himself as a Tv presenter, Wiggles actor and being on the radio. They both encouraged us to read.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Giant gold coin worth millions stolen from Berlin museum

A Canadian gold coin named big maple coin was stolen from a German, Berlin museum. The coin, taken on Monday night, is made out of pure gold, weighs about 100 kilos and has a face value of around C$1 million (NZ$1.06). The coin was stolen last night, it's gone," museum spokesman Markus Farr said.Police said it was probably stolen by a group of thieves who entered the museum undetected through a window. They then managed to enter the building and went to the coin exhibition.
"The coin was secured with bullet-proof glass inside the building. 
Picture taken in Vienna, Austria on June 25, 2010 shows experts of an Austrian art forwarding company holding one of the ...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shots fired during Mangere dairy robbery

The men allegedly robbed the Idlewild Superette in Mangere before fleeing from police.
Several shots were fired during a dairy robbery in Auckland's Mangere dairy. Two men allegedly stole the store's till after firing a firearm at around 2pm on Monday after driving off . The car was later spotted in Manuwera, but a police chase had to be abandoned after the offenders shot at one of the police cars.Three men, aged 21, 26 and 29, were arrested after being tracked down with a police helicopter.The victims were shaken but are being supported by police. The officer who was shot at is also being supported. Police are continuing to investigate the incident that had happend. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Food Technology

At Tamaki College the year 8s from Ruapotaka school are working with Mrs Tuipolotu the cooking teacher. Last week we made mini quiche but failed to make it. The missing ingredient was pastry.Today we will be making mini quiche again with pastry. Hopefully its goes right. We have to follow instructions on the board and make sure the measurements are right. Some of us had allergies to ham and eggs which made their mini quiche soggy and wet. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Everyday theatre

 Today two students came in today to share a families story by acting and to encouraging us to call for help when we feel Hurt, Sad, Angry and confused.Caitlin and her partner then started acting as a family. We learned alot and also had some fun to. We got to act as Dave, Mariah and Tee. They were an incomplete family. We also acted out photos of them. At the end of the play we got  free games master card and a special badge for us to put on our uniform. Then we asked them personal questions. Rm 11/12 had alot of fun today. 

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