Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cross Country 4/9/17

Last week for cross country we ran around the streets. The year 7's had to do three laps and for the year 8's was four laps🏃. We had ten minutes of time to run. I got a stitch most of the time. I was also told to run most of the time. Some from room twelve ran three laps and a couple ran four laps. I enjoyed running around the block. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Orienteering 22/8/17😓

Last week we did orienteering with Mr Leon. It was a different task we had to do. It included lots of running and collecting blocks. We were given sheets of paper that had maps around the school. We had to look for the blocks by looking at the map and facing it north. It was really hard because it was freezing out there and also trying to find where the blocks were hidden. Some were on trees and between buildings. We had fun.💖

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

😐NO TECH!!!😐

Every Wednesday the senior students go to Tamaki college for technicraft but today I didn't go because of the slippers I wore to school. They do not allow slippers in technicraft. There are dangerous things in the room like knives and cutting machines. I was put in room 1. I helped the kids with reading and maths. To be very honest I actually had fun in room 1. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

🌴The Pacific Event 🌴

Today at 11:30 our school had a Pacific Event. Students were dressed in Tongan and Samoan clothing and accessories. Each class had to choose a performance to present in front of the school.

 The performance I enjoyed and liked most was Room 6. They wore traditional clothing and did a catwalk. The clothing they had on had colorful patterns. Room 6 also had a partner each to walk with and pose.  

Room 11/12 sang a song called How Far I'll Go by Alessia Cara. We were told to sing with enthusiasm. I think we did good by the way. 
 The event was interesting and fun.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

😄Skipping Demonstration😄😌

 Ruapotaka School had the skip off competition and the demonstration. I felt very nervous and excited at the same time. Parents and families came to watch. The juniors had their skip off first. Reality came 1st place, Otolose came 2nd place and Jacob came 3rd place. After the skip off the juniors went back to the junior block. When it was finally our turn to perform I felt scared that I was gonna mess up but I told myself that I shouldn't worry. As I did the double dutch I failed two times but managed to do it on the third attempt. I was very proud of our group and class. I am relieved and happy that it has finished.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tapa Drawings

On Friday afternoons Room 12 group 1 and 2 did art. For art we drew tapa cloths on paper based on our learning about "The Pacific Study". We used colors and pencils to draw Tongan or Samoan patterns and many island pattern. The patterns I drew was a flower and a traditional Tongan pattern. I used a black pencil to darken the outline and used a pencil to shade the inside of the flower.

😲Skipping Is Coming Up 😮

Next week Wednesday Ruapotaka School will start skipping. There will be competitions on who skips the longest. In room 12 we all split in groups to figure out what were going to do with the ropes. My group and I decided to use long ropes and do double dutch. My groups are Teremoana, Meafou, Vika and Vaimoana. We all have things to do. Some of the other groups have tricks to display. I feel nervous and excited at the same times. Hopefully it all goes well.😳Parents can come to watch..👍