Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Black sticks beat Korea

The New Zealand men’s hockey team have beaten Korea in their best of 4 match series. 

New Zealand won the 3rd test 6-1 in Auckland. Colin Batch their head coach was pleased and happy.

The Black Sticks are currently practicing for the Olympics which are later this year. The results give the Black sticks two wins and a draw. The New Zealand team has a final test on Sunday

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Football Ferns Beat Portugal

football ferns

The New Zealand women’s football team have  beaten Portugal 1-0. The result is their first win of the Algarve Cup. The White Ferns played with skill. The ferns had a cancelled goal in the first half. Right now the football ferns are the 16th best womens team in the world. The Football Ferns will play the second-placed side in Group A on Thursday. Wish them luck👍.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Digital Art

For digital art I created this picture using free hand on my Chromebook. My class and I created our digital art by using the Sumo paint programme. 

I used different tools like paint brushes and an air brush. They had different shapes you could try out too. We had to create Maori patterns or Maori faces. To try Sumo paint click here

Duffy Show

On Tuesday we went and watched an hilarious show at the multipurpose room. The story was about Duffy trying to encourage ruby to get into reading, until ruby loved reading. Duffy had a new neighbor called Ruby she loved playing music, read and show Duffy her photo albums. When Duffy saw her photo album he wanted to make a time traveler so he  could travel back in time. They had funny costumes and props Gael the costume designer had made. The actors were Tevita, Talia and Phil. They were fascinating actors.