Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Metal craft Workshop

Image result for pewter block
We finally got to go to tech. The project us year 7's were going to start was  metal craft with Mr Grundy in his workshop. I had so much fun with him and we all learned things about pewter and metal. What he did with the pewter was melt it into an electric stove. We also learned about safety tips. 

What did I learn?
What I learned was when a person is melting pewter you have to be at least a meter back. When melting pewter, pewter can be twice as hot as boiling water. I also learnt new words like silhouette and recipient.


  1. Annyeong hasseyo Isabell
    I hope you are having fun at tec we have also started tec I'm in music tec it's really fun we learn how to play keyboard on the mac and we learn how to play other instruments. I miss yous all
    From Sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia thanks for commenting on my blog are you enjoying your new school