Wednesday, 18 October 2017

🎈The Holidays🎈

In the holidays I went to my niece and cousins birthday. They both had the same birthday but my cousin had hers a day after my niece. For the two birthdays my uncles and cousins made an Umu a traditional underground oven. Islanders make Umus for special occasions. We put yam and different kind of meats. The food was cooking underground while two pigs were cooked on the top. This is another traditional way of cooking pig. But first of all my uncle took out the guts and the stomach that was in the pig and also cleaned it. While the men and boys cooked the meat my aunties and mum made salads, goodie bags, set up the table and the barberque. At 2:00 pm the party started a lot of family members, friends and church people came to the birthday they brought shoes, clothes more presents, food and a lot of money for my niece and cousin. It was a tiring day but I had lots of fun. The birthday was held at the backyard of my aunties. 

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